"Each day, these items sing memories to me.  A dented, heart-shaped locket in my jewelry box sings about my maternal grandmother and her selecting the piece from the cases of a small-town dime-store to give to me at Christmastime when I was seven."  —Amber Lanier Nagle

Write Your Story

Project Keepsake is made possible by the generosity of dozens of contributing writers who donated their stories without monetary compensation. Want to contribute your own story to the project? Please consider the following:

  • Project Keepsake stories are true, narrative nonfiction pieces.
  • Project Keepsake stories are usually 800 to 2500 words in length.
  • Project Keepsake stories are written in first-person.
  • Project Keepsake stories have depth to them. The writer explores his feelings, emotions, and thoughts as the story unfolds.
  • Project Keepsake stories are original works and haven't been published before.
  • By contributing a story to Project Keepsake, you are giving me your full permission to use your work for the benefit of the project without compensation.  You will be asked to sign a permission release form for your story and your photo.
  • Finally, Project Keepsake stories may or may not be edited. I often work with writers in revising their stories to make them stronger and somewhat consistent with the other stories in the collection. If you don't like your work being edited, please don't contribute to the project.

Still interested? Click here for a few writing tips.  And coming soon, click here to upload your story for consideration.