Raffle, Raffle, Raffle—Happy Anniversary!

 Happy Anniversary, Native Ink Press! Congratulations, Ashley!

Happy Anniversary, Native Ink Press! Congratulations, Ashley!

Congratulations Native Ink Press! Congratulations Ashley Howie! We are celebrating my publisher's anniversary, and what better way to celebrate a publisher's anniversary than to give away a bunch of  book-related prizes?

The list of prizes is an impressive one. If you want in on the raffle to win free books, gift cards, and prizes, click the link to enter at http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/6860335/  Hurry up—the raffle's deadline is August 5.

The prizes include:

—A $25 B&N gift card,
—A signed copy of Project Keepsake,
—A beautiful writer's journal,
—A $15 iTunes gift card,
—A horse painting
—Signed copies of several books including Scream If You Wanna Go Faster, Daemon Theory, The Coat, Incredible Edible Meg, Celestina Silvenfare: The Legend Begins, Return of the Star Ancestor, and Polar Night, and 
—Three original cover art works by Hargrove Perth