My Revelation

I designed another graphic to communicate with the world yesterday. Savvy internet users and social media gurus call these graphics, "memes," derived from the words—mimicked and theme. Most memes are funny or edgy.  However, my meme is serious and inspirational, designed to help me publicize Project Keepsake.

 Memes and dreams and themes...

Memes and dreams and themes...

I think that the meme captures the premise of my book—that everyone has a keepsake, and every keepsake has a story to tell.  This simple revelation prompted me to collect and publish stories about keepsakes, memories, histories, people, places, and thoughts. 

I rarely like photos of myself, but I love this photo, taken by my friend and fellow writer Misty Watson.  We met briefly at a small prayer garden adjacent to a church in Dalton to shoot a few photos for an article that appeared in the May/June issue of Dalton Magazine.  It was a perfect spring day—sunlight dancing around us, a light breeze on our faces, and the dogwoods were putting on a show screaming at passersby, "Look at us! Look at us!" Misty snapped shots of me holding various keepsakes from my collection.

This particular photo showcases five of my keepsakes.  The glass bluebird sun catcher is front and center, but I want to direct your attention to the other four treasures hidden in the photo—the dented, silver locket my Grandmother Jarriel gave me for Christmas forty years ago, the silver Celtic knot ring that I purchased from a street vendor in Glasgow, Scotland years ago, the platinum hoop earrings Gene gave me on our twentieth wedding anniversary, and the pearl engagement ring—an heirloom from my husband's family—I wear on my left ring finger.  Each of these keepsakes holds powerful memories. Each has its own story.

I know you have a keepsake—or two, or three, or more. I bet you have something that reminds you of a loved one, a significant moment, or a place you don't want to forget. From my perspective, mementoes, souvenirs, and heirlooms are all keepsakes.

Tell me about one of the sacred remnants of your life. Select a keepsake and tell me the story.  You can do it!