"I surveyed the rooms of my home, starting in our sunroom where three glass bluebirds were perched upon a south-facing window sill. They were gifts from my mother-in-law, Margaret Cooney Nagle, who collected little glass birds and placed them on her own window sills behind veils of white, wispy, floor-to-ceiling sheers."  —Amber Lanier Nagle

16.99 18.99

Welcome to Project Keepsake, my personal crusade to collect and publish stories by both writers and aspiring writers about keepsakes, mementoes, souvenirs, and heirlooms—a pocketknife, a quilt, a ring, a cake pan, etc. Keepsakes have rich histories. They hold dozens of powerful memories. Their stories must be told.

Project Keepsake was published by Native Ink Press in 2014. Since then, I've travelled around the South promoting storytelling and helping people write their own keepsake stories. Hundreds of people have purchased the book and written their own keepsake stories. To order your own signed copy, click HERE.

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